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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customising Microsoft Dynamics CRM

1ICT has built a Microsoft Dynamics practice that is quickly becoming recognised as a true innovator in how CRM can improve any customer facing business. 1ICT CRM solutions enable businesses to engage productively with their customers through automation and integration with all business systems. 1ICT CRM solutions currently enabled retail chains, service companies, government bodies and consultancy firms.

The 1ICT customised enhancements have enabled businesses to:

- Automate time keeping for services and project work
- Track and manage projects
- Interface with 3rd party billing systems and POS systems
- Utilise compliance work flow
- Utilise contract and legal work flows
- Inventory control
- Adopt innovative marketing and up selling strategies

Project Highlight - Zekii CRM

Zekii are marketing and consultancy specialists who provide a customised CRM solution to their customers. Zekii has chosen 1ICT to turn their vision and extensive business understanding into a tanglible business productivity product. The Zekii CRM uses customised workflows and business rules to automate business functions and integrates with POS systems, contract systems and finance systems for the Zekii clients. The Zekii system is ideal for many business types and is enabling a number of Telstra business centres across Australia. For more information on Zekii visit