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Data & Analytics

Data Analytics & Intelligence 

The data intel team is 1ICT’s crack crew of data specialists encompassing infrastructure genius’s, DB guru’s, AI masters, data analysts, visualisation champions and data architects.

Our goal is to be Australia’s no.1 data analysis & intelligence specialists.

We partner with organisations that require an innovative attitude and wide industry experience, all backed up with deep knowledge of the latest ultra-smart technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Context Analysis and Natural Language Processing. 

Here’s how we will add value to your organisation:


Data Intelligence

We can drill down into low levels of structured & unstructured data for deep analysis, investigation, and insight.

Data Integration / Federation

Utilising our next gen smart data platforms we can rapidly integrate both structured and un-structured data from any internal and/or external sources including real time streaming.

Data Aggregation

We can aggregate that data in both determinate and non-determinate ways.

Data Quality

From data audits to data cleansing we have the experience and knowledge to clean and prepare your data for insight and operations.

Predictive Analytics

We can apply predictive analytics to allow for future mapping, alerting and risk mitigation.

Birnam Wood link image

Birnam Wood provides next-generation data/information integration, aggregation, interrogation and prediction capabilities.

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Yellowfin link image

Deliver analytics to drive the whole business

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Intelligent Voice link image

Intelligent Voice® takes your company's phone calls (and email and IM) and turns them into smart data.

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fraXses link image

fraXses is: a federated data application framework, that enables data from anywhere, to be used by humans and machines – not just analytics or business applications.

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ripjar link image

Creating the Data Intelligence Platform of choice for the Enterprise. Making Sense of both internal and external data for targeted business problems.

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