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Business Consultancy

1iCT is rapidly becoming a service-driven organisation. This delivery model recognises that what we deliver to our customers is not a physical asset, but rather a combined value offering. The customer today defines value, and expects a return on investment (ROI). The expected value include: specific skills, processes, management systems, and technologies required to meet and exceed the customer's business requirements.

It is important that 1iCT keeps it's customers as the central focus in all aspects of service delivery, ensuring the services are accurately aligned to customers’ requirements and expectations so they experience value at all times.

1iCT must follow a disciplined approach to process improvement management as a business strategy for responding effectively to customers and to ensure the best possible customer experience.

1iCT can assist your organisation in consulting, developing and implementing business improvent processes. We will introduce you to the stages, phases, and activities of the methodology and some of the process improvement concepts around which they are designed. 

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